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Modo | Max | ZBrush | 3DCoat | Maya | Unreal Engine 4 | CRYENGINE
Photoshop | Quixel Suite | xNormal | Substance Painter | Perforce | SourceSafe


SMU Guildhall – Associate Professor of Practice                                                                                       08/18 – Current

Curriculum planning and documentation.
Mentor Students
Courses: Team Game Production I, 2D Art for Games I, Team Game Production II, 2D Art for Games II
Areas covered: How to team, Game Design, Concept Art for Games, Photoshop for Texture Creation,
Asset integration with Unreal 4, Material Creation in Unreal 4, Blueprints in Unreal 4, Particle Systems,
Post Processing in Unreal 4, Various 3D Modeling Techniques for Games, Building a Portfolio, and much more.

DAVE School (Digital Animation and Visual Effects) – Instructor                                                                                      09/14 – 08/18

Curriculum planning and documentation.
Mentor Students
My course covers many aspects of asset production and how to utilize them in Unreal Engine 4
Areas of UE4 covered: Asset Integration, Lighting, Blueprints, Matinee, Physics & Collision, and Particle Systems

Cloud Imperium Games – Vehicle Artist                                                                                                                               04/13 – 01/14

Squadron 42/Star Citizen – PC – Release Date TBD

Modeling/Texturing – Ship components as well as assets used for Cinematic Ship Commercials
Tech set up of ships and weapons to be used in CRYENGINE
R&D on LOD systems and software
Lighting and rendering of assets for use in marketing materials

Terminal Reality – Environment Artist                                                                                                                                     11/04 – 04/13

AMC’s The Walking Dead - FPS (Xbox 360/PS3/PC) – March 2013
Star Wars Kinect (Xbox 360/Kinect) 2012
Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Xbox 360, PS3) 2009
Demonik (Xbox 360) Cancelled but featured in the movie Grandma’s Boy.

Modeling/Texturing – Various environments/breakable props/vehicles.
Assisted outsourcing by creating asset documents, critiquing/giving direction on assets during their production
Mentored Jr. Artists
Worked directly with Level Designers to make sure assets worked properly in levels and flowed with their vision
In Game Cinematics – Environments/Layout/Lighting

Post Asylum – 3D Artist Internship                                                                                                                                          08/04 – 11/04

Commercial Work/VFX - Quickly transitioned to XSI. Primarily used particle systems and compositing tools.
Clients: Hit Entertainment (Barney: The Land of Make Believe DVD), Dairy Queen and Harrah's Casinos.

Recent Freelance Highlights

Visual Cue Studios - Environment assets for a VR simulation project in Unity - Under NDA – TBA
Liquid Development - Modeled and textured 2 Environment Buildings for Forza: Horizon 2
EXIS Interactive - AT-15 tank base mesh for World of Tanks


The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School
Associates Degree in Digital Animation and Visual Effects.

The Art Institute of Dallas
A.S., Computer Animation/Multimedia – Graduated with Honors.